Author: Michele

  • Some Potentially Odd Reflections

    This site uses an IDN domain name. I registered the domain to test stuff for me and for the company. IDNs aren’t quite mainstream as yet, but they are slowly getting there… Yet this site is constantly being attacked by various bots and their masters. Curious. Also, since I kind of had to, I’ve switched […]

  • What Have I been Testing?

    When I originally registered this domain it was to do a couple of tests on IDN domains. I wanted to see how various bits of software, like control panels, web servers and most importantly, browsers handled IDNs. I was trying to sort out an issue that had been reported to us by a client. Since […]

  • Testing IDN Domains

    It’s been a few years since I did any testing of IDN domain names. I had done some playing about with them when .eu introduced them a few years ago.